Deeper Connect Mini – Mining Edition


Deeper Connect Mini – Mining Edition


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1. Only send USDC/ERC20.

2. Maximum of 24 units per order.

3. Deposit of wrong token types, addresses, amounts, or networks cannot be recovered.

4. Products are expected to ship in 3 to 5 business days from the order date.

Finally, a lifetime VPN solution that just works. Pay once, no subscriptions. Decentralized VPN is serverless and distributed; user data can never be logged, leaked, hacked, or subpoenaed. A layer 7 firewall secures the user's entire home/business network. It blocks ads and trackers, monitors web traffic, and filters NSFW, NSFC on all internet devices. *IGG MODEL - MINING EDITION*


Max Bandwidth 1Gbps
CPU Quad-Core
Memory 2GB
Power Consumption 10w

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